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Bishop sets foot in Chitma for dedications

There was a hive of activity in the United Methodist Church, Chitungwiza-Marondera district (CHITMA) on Sunday, 15 June 2014. The bishop of the Zimbabwe

Episcopal Area Bishop E.K. Nhiwatiwa supported by his wife and the CHITMA District Superintendent P. Kanoyangwa backed by her husband and an entourage of district executives led by Reverend Gaga and Reverend Chimberengwa amongst others, set out for St. Peters Svosve circuit, St. John Nenguwo circuit and St. Andrews Seke North circuit for dedication. 

The bishop’s convoy descended on the dusty roads of Svosve village forty kilometers outside Marondera town in the early hours of the morning. It was met by a jubilant and ululating congregation who had come to witness the special event. Among them was MbuyaSvosve, a woman who spent a vast amount of her adult life putting St Peters Svosve circuit on the map. The bishop dedicated St Peters Svosve parsonage before he went on to dedicate The United Methodist St Peters Svosve Church.

After mid-morning, the convoy took off for St Johns Nenguwo circuit eighty kilometers away from Svosve village. It was greeted two kilometers away from the church by a group of energetic and joyful men and women who then escorted the convoy to the church singing songs of praise and worship. The bishop was introduced to some of the members who contributed to the construction of the church and amongst them was the Matiza family. He went on to dedicate St Johns Nenguwo parsonage and The United Methodist St Johns Nenguwo Church.

The day’s events hit a crescendo when the convoy arrived at St Andrews Seke north eighty kilometers away from Nenguwo. There was beautiful, harmonious, and melodious singing from a choir that could fill a standard greyhound bus. Evidently Reverend Chimberengwa was now at home as he danced and sang with an air of confidence surrounding him. Among the congregants was a founding member and first lay leader of the church, TeteMuti. The bishop went on to dedicate St Andrews Seke administration block, St Andrews Seke north parsonage and The United Methodist St Andrews Seke north Church.

The bishop,s message was consistent and rich in content throughout the day. Psalms 23 vs 6 “……… and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Many people choose to believe things of this earth like the laws of physics and engineering sciences. They choose not to believe that there are places in heaven that were not built by men for those who lift the flag of Jesus Christ high and do the Lord’s work on this earth. John 14 vs 2 “in my father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so I would have told you: I go to prepare a place for you.”

TapiwaPadenga is the Chairman of the History and Communication committee at The United Methodist St Mathew DombotomboMarondera Church. He is also a committee member in the CHITMA History and communications committee.




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