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Church Propels HIV and AIDS Drive

HARARE (ZIMBABWE) – The group of women listens attentively as the workshop facilitator talks.  A gasp, a murmur, and at times, applause, can be heard. For the past five days, the group has learned a lot, and even had the opportunity to discuss issues previously viewed as taboo.

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HED Celebrates DS Bonga’s Birthday

dsbongaBy Ranganai Tinashe Dzotizei
The Harare East District joined the Bonga family in celebrating the birthday of District Superintendent Rev Joseph Bonga at Tafara circuit on August 30.

All the district’s 18 circuits were fully represented at the colourful occasion to mark DS Bonga’s birthday which was on August 8.

Celebrations started with an opening devotion from Rev Panganai Mapa, who gave a divine feel to it with an inspiring message about happiness and joy, saying happiness is materialistic while joy is from Christ.
Afterwards, it was all about the birthday boy with circuits taking turns to congratulate their superintendent in cash and kind.

Providing the music interludes were the Tafara Praise Team who kept the event lively with their compositions and good choreography in their performances.

Famed music ensemble Masimba Edenga joined in the festivities as it reached its climax with well thought tracks from their rich playlist raising the roof as the celebratory mood reached fever pitch.
Rev Nyanungo, who was the Guest of Honour, paid tribute to DS Bonga for thinking beyond as he prepares for life after retirement by acquiring a stand in the capital on which he is now building his house, encouraging others to emulate and prepare their lives well.

Mrs Bonga spoke on behalf of the family, thanking everyone for the outpouring of love in helping them celebrate DS Bonga’s special day.

Happy birthday DS Rev Joseph Bonga!!!

“Mhururu Pabasa” set to usher move to new head office

By Taurai Emmanuel Maforo

mhururuCeremonial gatherings in African communities never pass without ululation (mhururu). The tongue waging continues throughout the rituals, at every stage up to the end of the ceremony. The Zimbabwe West Annual Conference (ZWAC) is gearing up for a mega celebration dubbed “Mhururu Pabasa”. The event is seen as a catalyst to the long awaited move from 163 Chinhoyi Street to No. 10 Harvey Brown, Milton Park.

“Mhururu Pabasa” is a term coined by Bishop Eben Kanukayi Nhiwatiwa as a campaign slogan towards the completion of the New Head Office Construction and subsequent move-in. “Mhururu Pabasa” therefore by interpretation means ululating while people work towards completion of the mega head office vision.

“The expected completion date is April 31st and currently paving of the car parking area is ongoing together with external painting” said Livingstone Garikayi the ZWAC BOCLAB Chairperson.

Resounding echoes of ululations with an accompaniment of rhythmic dances ignited the space on the 8th of September 2013 during the ground breaking ceremony of the ZWAC New Head Office.

Within a space of 18months the West Conference will re-converge on May 17, 2015 at 9am to celebrate the expeditious completion of the double-storey ZWAC New Head Office. The celebrations will take place at the new location on Number 10 Harvey Brown, Milton Park in Harare.

As part of the festivity, the church has extended an open invitation to; individual members, families, circuits, districts, organizations and corporates to make pledges towards any of the finishing stages of the head office project.

UMC members have been afforded a life time opportunity to support the remaining areas of the project in the spirit of “Chabadza” and have their names tagged to the project in any of the following areas (in full or in part);

•Security Wall – $50,000 at $206/metre

•Paving – $40,000 at $22/m2

•Office Furniture and accessories for the Bishop’s Office, Admin Assistant, CM Director, Boardroom and head office staff offices (Cost Range – $500 to $5000 per office)

•Soft Furnishings/Interior décor


“This is an opportunity for members of the church to have their names engraved on the new head office” said Bishop Nhiwatiwa.

The bishop described the speedy completion of the head office as a “fete of immeasurable proportions”. With a smile on his face he asserted “This is claiming higher ground indeed!”

He referred to how the diligent BOCLAB (Board on Church Locations and Building) and BOT (Board of Trustees) teams put in their minds and extra hours to ensure project success. Their efforts were enhanced by the Council on Finance and Administration (Confad) which received individual member budget contributions through the respective districts and organizations.

The new exquisite structure has become a dominant feature in the formerly residential area-turned CBD. It is already showing its aesthetic beauty before finishing touches are added to this robust building.

Zimbabwe West Annual Conference therefore has every reason to ululate in celebrating the achievement of one of the three-tier BEB focus – Bringing more people to Christ, Ebenezer Convention (now E stands for Evangelism), and Building Head Offices.

Pastor Taurai Emmanuel Maforo is a Communicator in the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area

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