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Congregational Development

Rev Sophirina Sign a pundit in connectional ministries teachings, stands equipped with church vision, theme, doctrine and countless experiences on making disciples of Jesus Christ. Endowed with a passion for children’s ministry, a school Chaplin at Lydia Chimonyo girls high,

she is poised to become one of the vessels in the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area towards creating vital congregations in the new quadrennium.

Her passion to develop vibrant churches receives an overwhelming reception as she speaks on how to develop vital congregations at the 2013 Zimbabwe Episcopal Area laity academy held at Africa University.  Congregation is moved by her presentation creating anambience of getting ready to make a difference in growing effective and vibrant churches.

“Vital congregations are ministries that recognise a clear calling from God and develop plans and ministries to achieve God’s purpose for their communities”, she said. “Every Christian is created for ministry and each ministry is important and works intertwined with other ministries.”

Bonnie Harr, from Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference in her presentation echoed that special gifts are ministry abilities God gives people to accomplish God’s work. 

“The lord starts with natural talents and interests and then adds supernatural abilities as we grow in maturity and as he leads us for His purpose”, explained Harr

Tinashe Makarau Zimbabwe East Annual Conference president believes that the church is to coming up with programmes that address all groups of people in the church, youth, singles, old age and  orphans.

“We look forward to introduce more small group programs that touch on individual participation“, said Tinashe  “This will help identify and nature special gifts in people”

The United Methodist Church is called to lead the entire world in developing existing churches and starting new vital congregations so that we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Since 2008 there has been an emphasis on the four focus area leadership development, global health, poverty eradication and congregational development.

Communities are seeking for churches that bring a positive impact to the society. Churches, that are relevant and sensitive to the needs of the community. 

William Gasela from Gauteng, South Africa trusts that the church will only come to realize the dream of vitality if it paces together with technology and any technological stagnation or detour from that path will be detrimental to congregational development. 

“We go with our children to church but once they grow up they move to other churches that employ contemporary worship and have a full presence on social networking sites; the Facebook, Whatsapp…”, said Gasela.  “It is high time that the church takes full cognisance of these medium of communication.” 

Andrew Chigudu Harare East district president shares the same sentiments, “ A vibrant church  is dynamic blending in contemporary type of worship.”  

Of particular concern to the young people is traditional way of worship which they described as leading youths to fall out of window causing a “spiritual death”in young people.

“We are searching for something of substance… and the church must get ‘REAL’ with the young people” said Joia Daniels a young adult and the daughter of the author of ‘Begging for REAL Church’ Rev. Joseph Daniels Jr. REAL for Rev. Daniels means; Relevant, Enthusiastic, Authentic, and Loving.

Youth ministry in the UMC is a ministry with, for and by the youth, as the church seeks to revitalise itself it is therefore of paramount importance to engage and fully involve the young people in the daily life and activities of the church. 

Christine Caulker a fifteen year old from Baltimore-Washington Conference said, “Young people are a vital component in the church’s life and future, thus we must not be viewed as the church of tomorrow but of today.”




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