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Harare Central District Targets $103 000 for Ebenezzer

 By Tapiwa Machemedze 

Harare Central District’s preparations for hosting the Ebenezer Convention are gaining momentum with a 103 thousand dollar budget being set for the event. Of the money, 71 thousand dollars is already at hand leaving a 32 thousand dollar deficit.

The Harare Central District (HCD) leadership convened a mini district conference @ Warren Park Mabasa Evapostori Circuit recently to discuss and approve the budget and explore ways on how to meet the deficit.

HCD Superintendent Reverend Venna Mutezo urged the congregants to have unity of purpose and discipline in order to raise the remaining 32 thousand.

“If we work together and are disciplined like what we did when we built the Good Hope parsonage, then we will succeed,” Reverend Mutezo said.

The HCD projects committee pledged to work hard and come up with innovative ways of raising the money.

By the end of the mini district conference, the committee had already raised 500 dollars through selling food and drinks that were consumed by delegates.

HCD projects committee Chairperson Mr. Ginford Dzimati said his team would host a dinner dance to fundraise, as well as selling food at the combined convention for MUMC, UMYF and RRW which will be held later this year.

HCD Lay Leader Mr. Brian Kapungu said the district has a working leadership and will therefore succeed in raising funds for the Ebenezer convention.

The Ebenezer convention will run from the 15 to the 17th of August 2014 at the Zimbabwe National Sports Stadium in Harare. It is the first event of its kind to be held by the United Methodist Church Zimbabwe Episcopal area as church districts usually hold separate conventions.





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