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Let the Children come

The District Superintendent gives them their rightful place 

Grooming Leaders

By Tapiwa Dzuda

The Harare East District Superintendent, Rev. Tsitsi Madziyire showed an open gesture to children by calling them out from the crowd to take the front sit during the 19th Session, District Conference.



Advancement of the role of children’s ministries within the church has incited great confidence in the young and learning generations and effectively propel the denomination for a brighter future as they take up leadership positions in the church, in Zimbabwe and areas beyond our borders. 

“As the UMC Harare East District puts the Children’s Ministries up front, you and I have a big role that we ought to play, faithfully!”

Rev T. Madziyire has greatly helped impart the quadrennial theme and this has been cemented into the children’s hearts and minds;

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in The name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always to the end of the age….. Matthew 28vs19-20”.

The District Superintendent has passed on this noble duty to us, we, whom when she’s away, are taking care of the little ones; we share with them every goodie and morsel, when she is not there to share with them the front seat and high table- but the question is, “have we put our children in the position and environment conducive for their Physical, Spiritual and Social empowerment?” 

Children have great dreams, and such is their desire to see the fulfillment of the goals they set, the expectations they carry and promises they receive, yet, it is our duty to nature this seed which blooms to our splendor and soon becomes a forest of quality leaders wherever they go and not forgetting them becoming the ideal future parents.

“Let us open our eyes and strengthen our hands and feet, work fervently to uplift the moral amongst children, the Lord is our Helper in making a generation of excellence: Spiritually and Morally, and In respect of the BEB concept, may we also realize that we are builders to the little giants (the great Children’s ministry), we are protectors and not abusers, and above all, we shall continue to usher them to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ as we ourselves learn how to receive the Kingdom of God the way the little ones do.”

Do good; Do no harm; and Stay in love with God.

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