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Marange High School excels in ICTs

By Priscilla Muzerengwa, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Marange high school a UMC mission excelled at the 2013 ICT achievers awards, scooping the first prize in ICT rural school of the year award. The award searched for a rural school that has successfully introduced ICTs and enhanced student learning by making ICTs an integral part of the teaching or learning process as well as developing students and teachers ICT skills.

The High school deputy head Mrs. Elizabeth Musimwa ascribed the achievement to team work, staff’s professionalism and hard work.

The School introduced laptops as one of the requirement a student must have. This was set as mandatory to all new students who joined the school from 2013.  To already registered students school identified a supplier who provided students with laptops and parents would pay in terms
ICT is an integral part of modern life it gives instant access to facts, materials and service that could not have been possible twenty years ago.  It is the key to unlocking the skills and knowledge of students.
“Our vision is to introduce e-learning programmers.  Computers are going to enhance the teaching and learning process in every subject”, said Musimwa.  “We would like to connect to the internet, so that students can have a wide platform for research and creating more space to our over crowded library.”
In a report to the 13th session of the Zimbabwe East Annual conference connectional ministries reported that Marange High and Hartzell are ranked in the top 100 high schools that did well in their ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level 2012 results on the government website. They have subsequently been picked up by LAYING SOLID FOUNDATIONS which is a Christian based Leadership Institute.
For the past two years Marange high school has been achieving a 100% pass rate in Advanced Level examinations
All exam candidates start the morning study at 4:30am, school starts at 7:40am to 3:50pm.  Two weeks of vacation school to all exam candidates. I the last terms every subject invites ZIMSEC examiners to coach students for exams.
“School development committee at Marange is very supportive and encouraging retention allowance is given to all teachers so that they do not think of moving away”, said Musimwa.  “When results are out an extra performance incentive is given to teachers with good results.”
Rev Dr Kaiboni Nkomo an educational psychologist commended the results as very impressive. “They have gone further than the ordinary system in Zimbabwe”, said Nkomo.


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