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Nyamacheni Mission…a dream come true

NYAMACHENI, Gokwe, Zimbabwe. As she treads daily the sandy roads of Nyamacheni area to school, the 14-year old Talent Mageza has pinned her hopes high on one day becoming a teacher.
“One day I will become a teacher in our area to serve those that do not have access to education…” she said with her eyes radiant with hope.

On this blistering Friday, she looked comfortable as she followed the dictation of the Science notes while seated on the floor. For Talent sitting on the floor is no choice but a reality.
Of the four classrooms, two have sparsely distributed furniture creating a challenging learning

“We are sitting on the floor, but at least we are now in a classroom with a roof over our heads” she said. Some students before her had learnt under the trees or had to trek to “nearby” schools for more than 12 kilometres.

Despite the current limitations, the Deputy Head was upbeat of the improved pass rate. “Our pass rate for Ordinary Level Examination is 11,11percent an increase from 11,09percent. This is a move in the right direction compared to some previous years where they could be less than 5percent pass rate” he said. The head attributed this pass rate to the increase in number of teaching staff and a reduction in
the rate of staff turnover.

“We are highly indebted as a school to the material support we are getting from the responsible authority-the United Methodist Church, who assisted in the erecting of classroom blocks and staff houses” he added.

The Nyamacheni community has grasped well the Chabadza concept and have committed themselves to building up the superstructure of all projects with the church coming in with roofing materials.

The school has its 2013 plans set in the building of an administration block, erecting a foul run for the agricultural program, and buying of a full sports kit. Sport is an important component in the school’s extra-curricular activities.

About a hundred metres away from the flag pole that hoists the Zimbabwe flag is a patch where one is amused at the work of art of would-be builders. Three course small building blocks of different designs are bound to strike anyone’s attention. Nyamacheni
school has started introducing practical subjects to give technical skills to the students.

“We are excited at this new development at the school and is a clear sign that the leadership is keen on improving the livelihood of our children” said a number of parents that had come for the School Development Committee Annual General Meeting.
In the classroom adjacent to Talent’s over 60 parents congregated for their Annual General Meeting to deliberate on major business of moving the school forward.

The parents did not only turn out in their numbers but the high level of debate, deliberations and passioned pleas was a telling sign of the community’s involvement in the running of this new school.

“The parents’ high turnout is a sign of the community’s full ownership of and involvement in the school project” said Rev. Edmore Sango the Station Chairperson and School Chaplin at the end of the meeting.

During the meeting reports were presented by; the School Development Committee (SDC) chairperson, the Head, the Treasurer and elections of a new committee completed the business of the day.

All the presentations appreciated the contribution of Harare Central District and the entire United Methodist church for bringing “light” to Nyamacheni. Communities were thanked for proving “willing hands” to the project through brick moulding, supplying sand and water.

Presenting his “PowerPoint” report drawn up on a chalk board, Ranganayi Ngidhi, the outgoing SDC Treasurer proved beyond reasonable doubt that the cotton-growing Nyamacheni community is able as they contributed much to financing the school budget.

“Though we have challenges in inflows from school fees, parents have however contributed US$9 838.00 of the US$11 269.00 that financed our operations.” He stated. The parents present appreciated the work done by the treasurer in handling their funds and were deeply touched by the extent to which he took his time writing up his report on the chalk board for all to see.

“We are impressed by how much the Nyamacheni have supported the school materially and financially, but we continue to encourage parents to
take their full commitment to paying of school fees on time to avoid their children being sent away since this affects their performance…” said Rev. Oswell Kaseke, the Harare Central District Nyamacheni Board Chairperson.

Rev. Kaseke encouraged the school through their Chaplin to hold chapel services as that would help shape the students, at the same time upholding the United Methodist Church values. The church pledged its continued support until the dream of having Nyamacheni Secondary School
becoming a household name in the Midlands province is realised.

Story by: Taurai Emmanuel Maforo


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