Murewa Mission Centre—A distance of 1KM, children dressed in purple, white and blue lined up in two lines from the main school gate leading to the Murewa Mission Centre of the United Methodist Church.

The two lines ran parallel to each other forming a passage that led to the church entrance.  Children danced rhythmically as cars and pedestrians passed through the passage.  People could not hide their teeth as they waved their hands in response to the welcome.

A thousand people gathered to witness the Commissioning of District Superintendent (DS) for Murewa UMP district, Rev Josephine Bopani. The 32 year old pastor joined the ministry in 2000 and attended United Theological College in 2003.

“I am humbled to take up this task with God’s help, I will do as assigned,” said Rev. Bopani.

She has served the following circuits, Nyamuzuwe, Chikwizo, Westlea, Mabelreign and Mabelreign South.

“She passed through hard times especially at Chikwizo circuit, where she could not afford to buy a single meal,” said Everjoyce Chidzvondo, Bopani’s mother.

Her endurance at Chikwizo circuit made me believe that she was called into the ministry”  added Chidzvondo.

Sikhululikile Nyatanga from Mabelreign South could not hide her joy as she dashed out from the congregation to give a testimony.  “She is an action oriented leader who left a legacy of hardworking in our circuit,” testified Nyatanga.

Rev Kelvin Mwandira, a former DS to Bopani confirmed that she is determined, trustworthy and a principled leader.  “Whatever she starts, she sees it to the end, when tasked to do work, she would do it well and give feedback,”  said Rev. Mwandira.

Rev. Bopani is a mother of two children and married to Calvern Bopani.  Calvern described his wife as loving, evangelist, strategic, counselor and administrator. “We are the youngest couple in the cabinet family,” said Cavern with holes in his cheeks.

Innocent Mangwende Zihute, Headman thanked the church for awarding a District Superintendent to the community.  “The church should bring unity and nurture the community to become good citizens,

Students welcomed the Rev Bopani, DS with music and Chido Mutetwa 16 years old had this to say, “I am happy, change of District Superintendent brings variety and makes one sees life at different views.”

For Obert Tome, a District Layleader, Murewa UMP, welcomed Ds. Rev. Bopani saying the district is looking forward to working together to accomplish the goals started by the former DS Alan Gurupira.  “The district involves a lot of travelling, we are in the process of acquiring a new vehicle,” said Tome.

Murewa district has 26 circuits with a membership of +7000.

“Let us run toward a goal with one focus, one vision and one mission,” said Bopani in her sermon.

Bishop Nhiwatiwa said, “The group map has been laid down and transition from the former District superintendent has been very smooth.”  He urged the church to keep focused, united and have peace.