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The Health Coordinator’s Desk facilitates partnership support between Zimbabwe Episcopal Area and GBGM programs. The Health ministry is one of key work areas in the UMC within the Four Focus Area of Global Health and is the church arm to it’s contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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Mrs. Hannah Mafunda

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Strengths of the UMC Health Board

Strengths of the UMC Health Board

The United Methodist Church has gained recognition as a provider of healthcare servicesThree Hospitals - two with operating surgical theatersTwelve Medical ClinicsTwo Nursing SchoolsTrained staff of Doctors and Hospital StaffSupport of other mission and governmental...

Introduction to the Health Board

Introduction to the Health Board

Faith Based Organizations have historically played an important role in providing healthcare in Zimbabwe, particularly serving the most marginalized rural populations.  FBOs can reach people through their network of health facilities and mobile health...