By: Taurai Emmanuel Maforo

Mutoko-Mudzi district gathered at Mutoko Centre to celebrate the eight-year ministry of the outgoing district Superitendent, Rev. Phanuel Razo who was commissioned in 2006 upon

taking up the office following the ZWAC 2005 Annual Conference session held at Chinhoyi University of Technology.

The outgoing Mutoko-Mudzi superintendent served tirelessly in the district which is in the Mashonaland East province for eight years (2006-2013).

Today Rev. Razo had the blessing of an honourable bow having served diligently the rural district that continues to surpass expectations.

The MUMC choir holding their shakers, beating the drum and danced rhythmically as they churned out the mission song with the congregation joining in while Rev. Razo beamed a broad smile on his face; “Kwese kwese tinoona vanhu havazivi Kristu…watumei mangwanani, watunei masikati, watumei pamauro” (All over the world there are people have not yet come to the full knowledge of Christ and god has raised pastors to reach out in season and out of season)

The song squarely describes the mission that was bestowed by the Almighty upon Rev. Phanuel Razo as he executed the grand mission of “Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World”.

The District is blessed with a number of institutions – Nyadire (Teachers’ college, Central Primary School, High school, Orphanage, Hospital, Maintenance Department, and Farm), Nyamuzuwe High School and Dendera High School and clinic, Chikwizo (primary and secondary school, and clinic), Mutoko Central Primary School, Nyahuku clinic, Chindenga clinic and a total of 26 circuits.

Many members from the district described him as an “Evangelist-par-excellence” who has helped transform the face of the district. At the present moment the district is looking forward the creation of another charge at St. Timothy local church.

Major infrastructural developments have also happened during his tenure through his initiatives and enhancing existing partnerships in the spirit of “Chabadza”.

•Dendera High School – 2 girls’ dormitories with assistance for UK Mission Area

•Nyadire Water Project(TNC and UMCOR) – USD$250 000,

•Nyadire High School Boys’ Dormitories dedicated, ECD(Early Childhood Development) block under construction, and completed two Staff Houses

•Horticultural Irrigation at Nyadire Farm and full utilization of the arable land – UMCOR partnership

•Nyamuzuwe – two girls dormitories and refurbishing of the whole school

•Mutoko CPS(Central Primary School)  – two new classroom blocks and renovations

•State-of-the-art parsonages at Mudzonga and Nyamuzizi, Nyadire North, East Hunyani, Chikwizo, Chitekwe

•Re-building of Chikwizo clinic – now roofed

• Kotwa, Nyamakosi, Chipfiko, Mutoko Centre, Masenda, Makokoro, Mudzi Central Sanctuaries

•Buying of two district vehicles and initiated buying of four circuit vehicles plus seven motor bikes for pastors

“All these successes could not have been possible had it not been for the unit heads have been very helpful in achieving desired results…” said Rev. Razo. “…for example the School of Nursing has raised the UMC flag high by receiving awards for best nursing school in the country two years in a row.” He added.

Rev. Razo described Mutoko-Mudzi as a district with dedicated love for their church who are God-fearing.

“I am thankful to God for having worked in Mutoko-Mudzi and I applaud the focussed district leadership and the entire membership for working together in building up the district.”

Rev Julius Tsiga, the Connectional Ministries Director and Station Chairperson of Nyadire Mission, was in a celebratory mood as he gave his farewell speech.

“Rev. Razo has journeyed with us these past 8 years. He has sown the seeds of love among the pastors in the district…he was constructive in building the image of pastors.” Rev. Tsiga said. “When the DS moves from the superintendent’s office he becomes one of us but we will forever cherish the work he has done in this district.” He added.

Six ZWAC MUMC executive members graced the occasion as a gesture of appreciation and bidding farewell to Rev. Razo who was the cabinet representative for the organization.

Speaker after speaker wished him well in his future appointments while at the same time admitting that the standard set by their district superintendent will be challenging to surpass without the Almighty’s enabling power.

The ministry of Rev. Razo as a district superintendent will forever be cherished.